Arduino Nokia 5110 Display

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I bought a very inexpensive Nokia 5110 display on Youtube. Using a breadboard I put together a bare bones Arduino UNO. There are many web sites telling you how to do this.

I added a 3.3 volt voltage regulator as that is what the display needs. This meant I also had to use a 4050 hex non-inverting buffer to act as a voltage converter. This chip can take input levels of up to 15 volts.

Another option would be to run the whole board at 3.3 volts, but that would mean running the ATMega328 at 8MHz instead of 16.

I found an excellent, and fast, library to drive the display. The link is below, and I used the software and circuit diagram included in that blog post.

The one problem I had was getting the back light to work. Most web sources showed this being driven via a resistor connected to 3.3 volts. I then happened upon a post that said that some of these boards need the LED connecting to ground. That did the trick for me.

There is no identifier on the display, but I guess if yours matches the photos then it is probably going to work in the same way.