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Getting Started With Programmers Notepad

This is where we get started with Programmer's Notepad.

If you haven't already installed it, go to the WinAVR tutorial.

Setting Up The Project Group

First we need to open up Programmer's Notepad. Go to Start => All Programs => WinAVR-20100110 => Programmer's Notepad[WinAVR].

Step 1 - Launching Programmer's Notepad.

The application opens up. Make it full screen so that it's easy to see what's going on. At the top left select File => New => Project Group.

Step 2 - Make a new Project Group.

This will create a Project Group called "New Project Group". Right click on it and select Rename. Then enter a new name of AVR Projects.

Step 3 - Rename the Project Group.

You should end up with something that looks like this.

Step 4 - Now called AVR Projects.

Adding A New Project

Now, in the Projects window, on the left, right click on 'AVR Projects' and select 'Add New Project'

Step 5 - Select 'Add A New Project'.

The 'New Project' dialogue will come up. Set the name to BlinkLED and click on the button, shown by the arrow, to browse to the folder where we are going to put our project.

Step 6 - Browse for the folder.

Browse to 'My Documents' and click on the 'Make New Folder' button. Call the new folder 'Projects' then click 'OK'

Step 7 - Make a new folder called 'Projects'.

Now click 'OK' again and we'll be back to the main screen.

Step 8 - Add the project called 'BlinkLED'.

Next we're going to make a folder for our project files. In windows explorer, navigate to 'My Documents\Projects' and make a new folder called 'BlinkLED'. You will see in this folder our saved project file called 'BlinkLED.pnproj'.

Step 9 - Make a folder called 'BlinkLED'.

Magic Folders

The Programmer's Notepad web site describes Magic Folders like this: "A Magic Folder is a project folder that automatically includes files and folders from the computer's file system. Magic Folder contents are automatically updated when the files on the disk change."

In the Projects panel, right click on the BlinkLED project. Select 'Add Magic Folder...'

Step 10 - Select 'Add Magic Folder'.

Open up the folders to My Documents -> Projects -> BlinkLED. Highlight the BlinkLED folder and click 'Next'.

Step 11 - Select 'BlinkLED' folder.

You can exclude file types and folders

Step 12 - Click 'Finish'.

Adding The Code

Step 13 - Copy and paste the code.
Step 14 - Select 'File' then 'Save As'.
Step 15 - Select the 'BlinkLED' folder and call the file 'blinkled.c'.
Step 16 - Code is now highlighted.
Step 17 - Saving the Project Group.
Step 18 - Browse to the folder and add the name.